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About Leah

Early in 2001, Leah Sawyer entered the world. Born into the family of renowned singer songwriter, David Sawyer and choral singer, Kathy Sawyer, music was a part of everyday life from the moment she was born. At 5 years old, Leah attempted to play guitar, but her hands just weren't big enough, so her parents, Kathy and David enrolled her in Suzuki violin lessons. Even while taking classical lessons, 5 year old Leah regularly participated in bluegrass jams and fiddle was an instant hit. She never looked back and at age 7 switched entirely to learning to play fiddle. Her fiddling awards include 2018 Crocket Junior World Champion, 2017 Freshman Texas State Champion and 2018 National Twin Fiddle Champion with Ridge Roberts. 

Not only are audiences enthralled by her fiddle music, but Leah's singing and songwriting brings joy to people of all ages. Vintage Western music, 40's and 50's era swing music, even original songs that will give you the strange illusion that you're back in the 1940's, Leah does it all. Her original song, Cowboy Swing topped the Western Music charts and made Leah the youngest artist ever to have a song nominated for Song of the Year in IWMA.

Leah's love for traditional, Western music has driven her all across the country. From listening to recordings from the cattle drives at the Library of Congress, to interviewing world famous Ranger Doug in Nashville, Tennessee, Leah loves the opportunity to help preserve this incredible music. 

Leah is a proud fiddler, singer, songwriter and music historian. She strives to share the love of Christ in all that she does and bring joy to everyone around her. Her pursuit of excellence, disposition and love of vintage music is what sets her apart from so many other young performers in the industry.

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